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Presentation information

Presentation sessions are divided into slots of 90 min. and 120 min. CORP offers a standard length for paper presentationswith a duration of 15 minutes and a follow-up discussion of about 5 minutes. Discussions can either be held right after every single presentation or for the whole group of speakers at the end of the session. The session chairman will decide on the procedure individually. In the event that several presentations on similar or supplementary topics are accepted, the REAL CORP team reserves the right to group speakers with a shorter presentation time in one session.

Technical configuration of conference auditoriums

Each auditorium is equipped as follows:

  • presentation PC with installed web browser and internet access as far as available
  • MS Powerpoint as standard presentation environment
  • video projector (minimum screen resolution 1024x768, available resolution may be significantly higher depending on connected computer and installed graphics driver)

If you are planning to use one of the REAL CORP presentation computers, we are grateful to receive your presentation in advance via MY.CORP until the deadline (which you are notified of in time), or you bring it along on any USB device. Of course you can also use your own notebook or laptop for presentation purposes (perhaps you may need a monitor cable adapter then).

If you want to make use of aditional tools and facilities for your presentation (e. g. slide projector, flipchart, special software plug-ins, a. o.) we kindly ask you to send us a short information in advance. We will try to match your technical requirements as perfect as possible. There will also be REAL CORP conference staff in every CORP auditorium giving a helping hand during preparation of your presentation on venue.